Drag racing is for everyone to enjoy from the safety of the bank beside the track, it also gives you a great vantage point to see the cars as they come back along the return road. You may visit the Pits at anytime but please be mindful of the cars as some can not idle as slow as others and with a large number buzzing about you may not always get seen.

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club needs your support so we can continue to get powerful cars coming to our venue and we thank everyone who has been supporting us and appreciate you for this.
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club Inc
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club
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Round 1 IHRA National Series. A great day with some interesting cars coming from the north Island and new cars from the south, check the results.


Dragsters Smoking

Dragsters visit the club as well as our local and Southern drivers to turn on some action, come to the next meeting!

Local Champions

PBDRC has some of the fastest cars and Bikes in New Zealand and they are getting faster all the time!

Track Records

Street Series

The street series is always full of various models of cars, imports, classics, Bikes and whatever you want to race. Do it, just once, I dare you!

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